Glynn Jones Salon

Glynn Jones Salon was in desperate need of an upgrade to their outdated and inefficient website. Scavenger employed research on their demographic by implementing google analytics and created a new, fresh, modern look and feel that built off of their established brand.

This resulted in a successful, new and informative website that communicated the Glynn Jones story with iconic photography, clearly delineated services and social media marketing which improved the visibility and outreach of the salon by 75% over a five year period.

Glynn Jones thumb.png


One of the first initiatives we performed was to create a library of imagery for the site. Representation of the experience of the salon was lacking in the website, and the brand was seriously out dated. I created a word association bubble and moodboards to create alignment with my client on who Glynn Jones Salon actually was. Once complete, we could move forward with the site, and commission an experienced photographer to do a professional shoot of the space.

Next, with photography and brand alignment set, we went to work on the redesign of the site. The logo was outdated, so I performed a minor refresh of the brand, to modernize without completely reinventing the brand that loyal customers know and love. Moving from a starburst to a half dome brought Glynn Jones into the British look and feel that they were so well known for. I also focused on colors that created an overall calm tone appropriate to a luxury salon while subtlety evoking the colors of the British flag, which was always on display outside the salon. In this way, we were able to evoke a friendly, elevated feel for the salon’s web presence that accurately reflected the experience of the business.

Glenn Jones Devices.png

Lessons learned

The design of the site and refresh of the brand was a success. However, when it came to coding the site, I found myself in a bind with my usual coder and was forced to contract a less experienced coder for the execution of the coding and back end. I wasn’t aware that this coder had such little experience, and they unfortunately went missing when the client asked me to provide the source code. When a new coder came in to update the site, they were forced to start over, as the code that was eventually provided was an unfortunate mess. This destroyed my relationship with the client, who held me responsible for the mess. I believe that the brand aspect of the project was a success, which became overshadowed by an oversight in vetting my contractors more carefully. As a result, I moved forward with a renewed understanding of the importance of closely monitoring the skills of my team and a commitment to manage such situations better in the future.