Scavenger is a multidisciplinary firm dedicated to the idea that everyone has a story to share.

  • We take you, your vision, your personality, your goals, and inspect it to find the treasure within.

  • Using this treasure, we engage a methodology in order to manifest a story into visual form.

  • Finally, we take this form into a competitive market to make you stand out and stand strong.


Scavenger is an alteration of scavager, from Middle English skawager meaning "customs collector", from skawage meaning "customs", from Old North French escauwage meaning "inspection", from schauwer meaning "to inspect", of Germanic origin; akin to Old English scēawian and German schauen meaning "to look at", and modern English "show" (with semantic drift).

Built on agile, iterative design thinking.


First we will do a thorough digestion of all your materials from the inside out, to understand who you are in order to craft a story that reflects a clear vision of your emotional essence, setting you up for growth and success.

We take these principles and vision to the drawing board to then ideate possibilities. Armed with an understanding of who you are and want to be, we will execute a rapid ideation, to see what 

Do you have a great idea that you'd like to see manifested into reality? Let us revolutionize the way you see things. Scavenger can mold your idea into a crystal clear vision that can map out your future and brings continued success.